Plinko Games for Real Money in South African Online Casinos

Plinko Games for Real Money in South African Online Casinos

Plinko is a category of online casino games where you must make a bet and see where the ball, falling on the pinned board, will finally land. To play Plinko in South African online casinos, you are not required to have much experience because the rules are elementary, and you are to make just a couple of gameplay-affecting decisions. Plinko games are normally excluded from bonus programs; however, some online casinos allow players to wager bonuses on Plinko. The article you will read below explains almost everything you should know about this type of game, including bet limits, key providers, and a few tips to make your gaming experience as beneficial and entertaining as possible.

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What is Plinko?

It was invented in 1983 as part of The Price Is Right television show. This is one of 100+ pricing games where participants tried to win prizes or cash. In the online casino eco-system, Plinko is represented as a triangular board filled with regularly positioned pins and an array of pockets at the bottom. Plinko online game comes from a few providers such as Spribe, which is famous for its quick Turbo games (Mines, Dice, Aviator, Mini Roulette), and BGaming. 

Math model in Plinko game online  

A ball starts falling from the central position at the top of the board. There are numerous pegs on the board, which serve as obstacles for the ball. So when descending, the Plinko ball hits the pegs and changes its course. Touching a pin, the ball can continue to the left or right of the pin, meaning the pocket where it finally lands is determined by pure chance. The mathematical expectation is that the middle spaces are the most frequent landing spaces, while these at the left and right edges will rarely occur.        

Given the above, the multiplier values for each space are arranged symmetrically: e.g. x0.5 is at the centre, x0.8 is at both sides of the central space, and so on. The farther from the centre, the higher the win coefficients are in a Plinko casino game.  

Plonko game facts

✅ Game Type: Arcade Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe, BGaming, Turbo Games etc.
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97% – 99%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Plonko interface

  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface

Spribe Plinko: Risk levels

Contrary to other Plinko variations, the one from Plinko has three rows of multiplier spaces at the bottom. They pay out differently depending on the volatility selected by the player. The principal concept remains the same: the central slots award the lowest because they carry the highest hit probability. A player should choose one of three risk levels: low, medium or high.

  • High Risk (Red) 

    This option is for risk-takers. Tapping the “Red” button, you will release a red ball that will be counted according to red multiplier values at the board bottom. Be ready that most of your shots will be dead, but some rarely occurring prizes can reach x555.

  • Medium Risk (Yellow)

    This is a well-balanced mode in which the three central slots are losing. The max win is x118, but the chances of hitting it are less than 0.001%.   

  • Low Risk (Green)

    Choose the green balls if you have a limited bankroll or want to practice the game. It features only one no-win multiplier at the centre and two breakeven multipliers. This is like spinning the reels in a low-volatility video slot—frequent low wins will come your way all the time. 

  • The number of pins

    Changing the number of pins is another way of adjusting the volatility when you play Plinko for real money. There are three options: 12, 14, and 16 lines. This means that the corresponding number of Plinko peg rows are horizontally on the board. Switching between these options changes the number of multipliers at the bottom as well as their values.

Spribe Plinko bet sizes and payouts

Notably, the provider allows online casino operators to change the game limits. Spribe official website shows the $0.10—$100 stake per ball, but this range can vary. Payouts are determined by the space the ball has landed. The payable cash prize is calculated as the bet multiplied by the value of the pocket the disk has fallen into. As is said above, outside sectors have higher win multipliers but lower chances of being hit. Below, you can see the payout multipliers for each risk level at the 12-line formation:

🟩 Green 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 3.2, 11
🟨 Yellow 0.3, 0.7, 1.2, 1.7, 3.1, 8, 25
🟥 Red 0, 0.2, 0.7, 2.3, 8.1, 25, 141

If you increase the number of pegs to a 14-line formation, payouts will be distributed as follows: 

🟩 Green 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 3.2, 18
🟨 Yellow 0.2, 0.7, 1, 1.6, 3.2, 5.6, 12, 55
🟥 Red 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2.1, 5.3, 14, 49, 353

Finally, the 16-peg layout will see you receive the following prizes:

🟩 Green 0.4, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 2.5, 7.7, 35
🟨 Yellow 0.2, 0.7, 1, 1.2, 2.3, 4.5, 12, 61, 118
🟥 Red 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2, 3.5, 8.5, 26, 122, 555

Important: the maximum win per bet is $10,000. However, some online casinos may assign the limit by themselves. 


Mass launch of Plinko balls

Tapping continuously any of the three trigger buttons releases the balls of the corresponding colour, and the number of balls in this flow depends on how many times you have tapped the Green, Yellow, and/or Red buttons. This approach may be interesting for players at the high-risk level (Red) as huge multipliers occur with the odds of 1:1000 to 1:10,000, so triggering 500 balls at once can result in a massive win—though chances are not high. Anyway, interested players should peruse this feature.  

Automatic mode in Plinko

The game has an autoplay feature with flexible settings. To access it, tap a blue round button in the user interface. It will open a popup with multiple options to adjust your autoplay mode:

  • Bet colour: pick Red, Yellow or Green based on your risk level preferences.
  • Number of rounds: six options, 3 to 500.
  • Stop conditions: Stop if cash decreases/increases by your preset amount or Stop if a single win exceeds your preset amount.
  • Actions in case of a win or loss

Provably Fair experience in Plinko casino game

You can verify the fairness of each round in the game history. Choose the round you want to check and click on the green shield badge to open the Provable Fair details. If you need to learn how to deal with the server seed and client seed, the Plinko casino game provides detailed instructions.  

BGaming Plinko

When you open the online Plinko by BGaming, you will see a simple triangular pinned field on a grey background. Everything is designed with a minimalistic style and little detail, but the user controls at the bottom are easy to understand and use on all devices, including iOS/Android smartphones. To the left of the pyramid-shaped field, there’s the space for the player’s last rounds. If you have just opened the game, it is empty, but it gradually fills in with your results as long as you play. To learn PLinko XY rules, tap the “?” button at the top right corner.     

Game volatility in BGaming Plinko

As you might have expected, the game has an adjustable volatility level, which is set a bit differently from Spribe’s title. To change the game mode, making it closer to your betting style and preferences, you should select from three options in the UI area: High, Normal, or Low. Let’s review the payouts at each risk level, taking as an example the 10-line formation:

Low 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.4, 3, 8.9
Normal 0.4, 0.6, 1.4, 2, 5, 22 
High 0.2, 0.3, 0.9, 3, 10, 76

As is seen from the listed values, low volatility provides stable wins since only one losing multiplier is placed at the central pocket. Another multiplier provides a breakeven outcome, while four others give a positive effect. The largest coefficient is as low as 8.9, and its true odds are 1:500.

As for the high-volatility mode in the Plinko gambling game, half the multipliers (three of six) are losing. Moreover, there’s a 88% probability that your next round will end up on any of the losing multipliers. The implication of the above is that the high-risk mode is for genuine risk-takers ready to put up with long losing streaks in anticipation of decent wins.  

Plinko games RTP

✅ Plinko XY by BGaming 99.0%
✅ Turbo Plinko by Turbo games 99.0%
✅ Plinko by Spribe 97.0%
✅ Plinko by Gaming Corps 94.79%

How to modify Plinko board layout

You can play Plinko online, using nine configurations that differ in the number of pegs on the Plinko board. The line selector is anchored at the top right corner of the game. It has values from 8 through to 16. Switching between the options, you will see how the Plinko board changes. The major effects are listed below:

  • The number of multipliers increases once you pick a greater Lines value, and conversely.
  • The more lines are in play, the higher the game volatility becomes. E.g., when playing with 8 lines in the Low mode, the max coefficient is x5.6, but when picking 16 lines, the extreme right/left pockets have an x16 value.

Plinko XY payouts

As mentioned above, the cash prize is calculated using a simple formula: Bet size x Pocket coefficient. It is also clear that higher coefficients are present in the medium to high volatility modes. Besides, some coefficients result in “false wins”, meaning you earn less than you bet when they land. Anyway, below you can see the top five payouts and their true odds (hit probabilities):

$100,000 High Risk, 16 lines, 0.003%
$62,000 High Risk, 15 lines, 0.006%
$42,000 High Risk, 14 lines, 0.012%
$26,000 High Risk, 13 lines, 0.025%
$17,000 High Risk, 12 lines, 0.049%

The listed cash prizes are effective when you play Plinko for real money at the max $100 bet.

Winning probabilities in BGaming Plinko

Hovering over any multiplier on the Plinko board will show its true odds in the form of a decimal fraction. The general long-term RTP is around 99%, but this percentage fluctuates greatly, depending on your chosen strategy. In the low-volatility mode, your return will be close to the above, but as soon as you pick the high-risk board formation, you should have a large bankroll or place smaller bets because you would exhaust your bankroll faster than you hit a big multiplier making up fully or partially for losses incurred during a long sequence of previous losing rounds. The true odds for a 16-line normal-risk mode are presented below:

x0.3 5 to 1
x0.5 3 to 1 
x1 4 to 1
x1.5 7 to 1
x3 20 to 1
x5 67 to 1
x10 300 to 1
x41 2000 to 1
x110 33,000 to 1

Plinko tips and tricks

You are encouraged to leverage some or all of the tips outlined below to make use of the built-in RTP. Failure to stay in line with any strategy can lead to a quick depletion of your bankroll. So here are a couple of helpful tips for the Plinko online game:

  • Configure the level of volatility (Risk) based on your expectations of the scope of winnings and their frequency
  • Mind that the chain launch of the balls can adversely affect your casino balance, so keep a watchful eye on your bankroll while running the balls one by one
  • There is an automatic play feature. Use it wisely with the awareness of your bankroll, considering the balls are released at a one-second interval
  • Martingale and other gambling strategies do not work in Plinko 

Play Plinko for free


Plinko is a board game in which the player should choose a risk level, trigger a ball, and see in which space it will land. Each space has a multiplier that will apply to the player’s bet for that round. There are just a couple of Plinko games, two of which are reviewed above (the versions from BGaming and Spribe). Each of these games has its advantages and drawbacks, but generally, they have almost identical features. Low rollers will probably like the BGaming version as it has a min bet of 10 cents per ball. You can play Plinko in South African online casinos and win over $50,000 at a High-Risk level. See the list of our vetted gambling sites on this page.    

Plinko game FAQ

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a ball and board game that originated in 1983 as part of a TV show in the United States. Plinko is a game of chance with no special skills or knowledge of gambling required.

How to play Plinko?

First, you must select one of three Risk Level options and pick the number of lines that form the Plinko board. After placing a bet and clicking the related button, the ball starts dropping from the top, and the pocket it lands will dictate your win amount.

How much can I win in Plinko?

The top cash award is $100,000 in Plinko XY (BGaming) and $10,000 in Plinko by Spribe. Notably, the latter is the limit envisaged by the game rules, though theoretically, the max multiplier could result in a $50,000+ win.

Can I bet cryptocurrency in Plinko?

Certainly, you may bet crypto, provided the online casino of your choice accepts it.

Are there any Plinko strategies?

Yes. They are pretty basic: adjust the volatility level to your preferences and mind the fast bankroll depletion with high-risk patterns.