Aviator in South African Online Casinos

Aviator in South African Online Casinos

You might have seen Aviator in South African online casinos and wondered what it is all about. The Aviator money game isn’t your typical casino release. It comes with a unique style of play and is one of the most popular crash games from Spribe. Despite only being released in 2019, it has become a hit among players globally, which is one reason why we will be reviewing it today.

By the time you are done reading the content on this page, you will have known everything about the Aviator casino game. You will learn the basic rules, Spribe Aviator game tricks, and the unique Aviator game algorithm, which lets you check for the accuracy of the outcome. Is it possible to win while playing the Aviator betting game? And how much can one win? Do you need money to play this game? This article has all the answers. 

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About Aviator

Released in 2019, Aviator game online from Spribe took provably fair gaming to new heights through its innovative crash game mechanic. The game lets you place your bet and watch the plane flying into the skies. The further the plane goes without crashing, the higher the win multiplier you get. Unlike other casino games where you must wait until the end of the round to collect your winnings, the Aviator casino game requires you to cash out your winnings before the plane flies out of sight. This is the only way you can win while playing the game. 

Aviator money game uses provably fair technology. It’s a technology that cryptocurrency games have and ensures the result of each round is fair. Using this technology, you can independently check the outcome of each round to ensure it is fair.

Aviator game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe
🥇 Release Date: February 2019
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Aviator interface

  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface

Aviator game features

In addition to the Provably Fair and crash game mechanics, Aviator has other interesting features you should be aware of. These include as follows:

  • Double bets 

    This feature allows you to place two bets concurrently during gameplay. Before the start of the next round,  you can decide to add a second one. The second bet is independent of the first one and can be cashed out whenever you feel like it. 

  • Leaderboards

    The feature lets you look at the leaderboards and see useful information such as the biggest multipliers, largest wins, and all the bets you have placed while playing Aviator real money game. 

  • Auto buttons 

    You can see them on the home screen. This lets you choose automatic betting and cash-out limits.

  • In-game chat

    This feature lets you interact with other players playing the game through the chat log section.

Getting started to play Aviator

Getting started to play the Aviator game in South Africa is straightforward. You must decide on the best South African online casino site to visit in order to play the game. To do this, you must run a background check on the site you’d like to visit while checking license details, the site’s reputation, the games offered, the software providers behind the brand, and much more. Once you settle for your preferred brand, proceed and open the game. Like any other online casino game, you must first understand the basics. Get to grips with the basic rules by playing the game in demo mode, which offers all the features available in real money mode.

Understand the game’s interface as well. At the centre of the screen, you will see a small plane. Your eyes should always be fixated on this as it will take off the ground and determine the amount you win during gameplay. The higher it ascends, the higher your returns. Just ensure you cash out the money available before the plane leaves the screen. Otherwise, you will lose your bet. 

Beneath the centre of the page is the “cockpit.” We want to refer to it as the cockpit because it’s from here where all the bets are managed. At the top right corner of the screen, you will find the menu. This section has an option that enables you to set an avatar for your profile. It also has sound, music, and animation settings buttons. You will also find other helpful information, such as the provably fair settings, game rules, game limits, and bet history.

Aviator game video

Aviator game rules

Aviator money game may be different from the typical casino game, but it remains straightforward to play thanks to its easy-to-understand rules. It is one of the reasons why many South Africans find it easy to play the game.

Once you have picked the right online casino to play Aviator game in South Africa, the next step is to proceed to bet. You have a limited time to do this, which is usually ten seconds or so. This means knowing what you are staking and getting is crucial. After placing your bet, the plane will take off, and the coefficient will increase for as long as it stays in the sky.

However, it won’t stay on the screen forever. It will disappear at some point, and you have to ensure you have cashed out your winnings by the time it disappears. If you successfully manage to cash out, the value of your winnings is equivalent to the coefficient. If you fail to do so, you lose your money. 

Play aviator game for free

How to bet in Aviator casino game

You can play Aviator game online in two ways: in demo mode and for real money. Regardless of how you play it, the steps to place a bet are the same. Here is how you can bet in Aviator casino game.


Pick your bet level and select the confirm button in the betting section

A countdown will start immediately after the plane flies away. During the countdown, you have the option of amending or cancelling your bet. Once this expires, the Aviator will take to the skies and start amassing a growing win multiplier.


Cash out at any point you feel the time is right to collect your winnings

The longer you wait, the more winnings you amass. However, there is also the risk of losing it all, if the plane flies away. So, timing in this game is everything.


Consider placing the second bet

This approach can double your chances of scoring wins. However, chances are you lose both


Consider viewing stats in between the rounds to enhance your coefficient predictions

Aviator betting game is fully optimised for play on both mobile and desktop. Whichever platform you choose to play this game, you are assured of a fluid experience. The game loads fast, and it is responsive in all aspects.

Live statistics in Aviator game

This important feature lets you analyse the previous outcomes before placing your bet. The live statistics feature in the Aviator money game will give you access to the history of your bets and that of other players. It is grouped into three main categories:

  • The All Bets category will show all the bets and winnings from players. The information under this is in real time.
  • The My Bets category shows how you have been wagering. It shows how much you wagered, the win coefficient/multiplier, and the amount you managed to cash out.
  • The Top Bet category is the last of the three. Under this, you will see the highest daily, monthly, and annual winnings alongside the respective multipliers. Under this, you can see players who managed to win as much as $10,681 from a mere $0.10 bet. 

Aviator game strategies and tricks

Now that you are up to speed with the basics of Aviator game online, the big question is, how do you improve your winning chances? The truth is that Aviator in South African online casinos is a random and unpredictable game which uses a Random Number Generator software to determine the outcome of each round. The game being random doesn’t mean you cannot improve your winning chances. This section will examine the most common Spribe Aviator game tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning.


Play for free before committing real money

This is obvious but may not be obvious to every player. Playing Aviator game online in demo mode helps you familiarise yourself with the game, its volatility, RTP, and bet limits. If you have a betting strategy, fine-tune it by using it as many times as possible and removing any aspect that you see may interfere with its performance. Remember, you can use the demo mode for as long as you wish. If the free credits are exhausted, just refresh the game page.


Utilize the automated play and double bet options

The second Spribe Aviator game trick you should consider is to use the automated play and double bet options. Aviator allows you to place two bets simultaneously. This leaves plenty of room to play around with the bet. How do you make the most out of the double bet feature? For one, place one huge and small bet, with the huge bet covering the small one. You can play more or less safe with the big bet by cashing it out once you have a 1.50x multiplier or something higher. This will cover the value of both bets. Use the smaller bet to take risks and cash in big profits.  

To simplify your gaming experience, use the automated betting options in Aviator. The Auto cashout feature lets you pick a coefficient you’d like for your bet. Once it is achieved, the game will automatically cash out the available amount. The Auto Play feature will automatically set your bet in line with the previous ones. 


Use the live bet board and live statistics

Another important strategy you can use as you play Aviator in South African online casinos is to use the live bet board and live statistics feature. Using the information in these two areas, you can make your Aviator game predictions and plan your bets accordingly.

For example, you have seen a series of winning bets with multipliers of 1.20x – 1.90x. The most logical way to play this out is to pick your auto cashout to be within these multipliers. You can also decide to bet on a multiplier with a slightly higher value, such as 2.5x


Start by betting small

The last tip in this section will be to bet small as you look to build your bankroll. Familiarise yourself with the game’s features and see if achieving high coefficients is possible without risking too much of your bankroll. Once you have built your bankroll, you can gradually increase your bet amount. 

Spribe aviator alternatives

Provider Game name
Aviatrix ⭐ Aviatrix
Smartsoft Gaming ⭐ Jet X
Onlyplay ⭐ F777 Fighter
BGaming ⭐ Space XY
Fugaso ⭐ Magnify Man
1X2gaming ⭐ Crashout Fireworks
FunFair ⭐ AstroBoomers Turbo!


The Aviator real money game, with its multiplayer approach to casino gaming, Aviator real money game introduces something unique. The game is innovative, and its social aspect is something that stands out. Usually, you will expect something of this kind in live dealer games, but with the chat feature in Aviator money game, you can interact with connected players worldwide. The game is also rewarding to play. Not only does it offer you a massive payout equivalent to 100,000x your bet, but it also has in-game bonuses. These you can claim through the different competitions run randomly throughout the year. Aviator in South African online casinos can be played in the demo and real money modes. Before playing it for real money, it’s advisable you try it for free to learn its features.

Aviator casinos FAQ

How much can I win in Aviator?

The winnings in the Aviator real money game are linked to the final multiplier. This can range from a mere 1x up to 1,000,000x.

How to play Aviator game and win?

Playing the Aviator game online is as simple and direct as clicking a button. Once you've picked your desired bet, you can join the next round and watch the plane soaring into the vast skies. Once the plane has taken off, you can choose to collect the winnings before it "crashes."

Is Aviator game legit in South Africa?

The Aviator betting game is legit in South Africa. The software company behind the game – Spribe – is renowned and has a reputation for developing fair games.

When should I click cash out?

The Cash Out feature in Aviator real money game is meant to help you lock in a profit from your bet. If you feel you have achieved the desired amount in terms of returns, you can click on the Cash Out button to collect the winnings.

Are there any helpful tricks in Aviator?

Yes, there are plenty of tricks you can use as you play Aviator game in South Africa. For example, you can use the Auto Play and Auto Cash Out features.